Andrew Ford

Director of Sales

Daryl Birden


Lynne Vickers

Customer Services

Larraine Atkin

Customer Services Manager

Ravinder Ballantine

Sales Manager

Christopher Hayman


Ed Borrett

Finance Manager

Greg Hunt

Sales Manager

Chris Lipscomb

Operations Director

Hannah Farrow

Customer Services

Simon Strutt

Finance Director

Jamie Pringle

Sales Executive

Charles-Antoine Perol

MENA Sales Manager

Stephanie Callens

Quality and  Technical  Manager

Lucy Fordham

Marketing & Customer Technical Support

Andy Radford

Sales Manager

Adel Inoka

Customer Services - Export

Karen Cresswell

Customer Services - Export

Haymankimia, Eastways Park, Witham, CM8 3YE, United Kingdom. Haymankimia is a division of Hayman Group Limited

Jodie Walker

Customer Services